Brutal Wars of History that went too Far!

War is not good thing to settle on. Any conflict regarding any issue can be an unsettling thing which destroys not only the whole country but also the infrastructure as well as the citizens living in it. There are some notable wars in the books of history which went far too crazy, and the consequences are even faced for now.

Few wars in the pages of history those were too crazy:

The word ‘war’itself is crazy. But the consequences faced after the happenings are even more insane.Here are some of the few notable wars in History that went too far.

  1. World War II

The most insane battle in the war of histories, World War II, is ranked at the top. During the war, Hitler decided that the Nazi troops weren’t enough, so he started planning for nuclear weapons. The World War II has seen a lot of army fighting and dying at the battle scene, people crying for their families and being taken away from them, children being mistreated, concentration camps and whatnot. 

The most notable bombing of Hiroshima Nagasaki was at the final stage of the war. This generation even faces the consequences of this bombing to date.

  1. American Civil War

Fought between the United States and eleven other Southern States, American Civil War ranks in second. Most numbers of soldiers were lost during this battle, and two third of theme were killed by diseases which were left untreated. Prison and concentration camps became the nightmare for the soldiers, and those who were wounded on the battleground were never treated properly.

Most of the soldiers fighting in this war were underage, and they were inexperienced in the battlegrounds due to their age. Women were also involved in this war, and some of them even pretended to be men to be at the battlefronts.

  1. Vietnam War

One of the most important wars in the books of history, Vietnam War stands out in the third place. Fought between Northern and Southern Vietnam, the USA first got involved in this war during the year 1954. Most of the troops were lost, and The United States helped in the depletion of the food supply for Northern Vietnam by spraying defoliants on their crops.

John FKennedy, the US President was assassinated during the Vietnam War. 

  1. Cold War

Cold War other War of Wits started between The United States and the Soviet Union. Isn’t an actual war but a name given to the conflict between the two nations. It was the most ground-breaking war in history in all time. Both of the nations we are equipped with nuclear weapons and tension was built around since any exchange of wrong words would be the cause for launching the missiles on one another.

These are some of the few notable wars in the books of history that are still significant till date. Remember, war is not an option, and it is not a choice to choose one.

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