5 Things to Keep in Mind before Availing Rapid Prototyping Services

5 Things to Keep in Mind before Availing Rapid Prototyping Services

The demand for rapid prototyping services has increased over the years. The global Forecast of Rapid Prototyping Materials Market predicts the demand to rise from USD 217.5 million in 2015 to USD 903.8 million in 2021. The services are being availed by some industries like manufacturing, construction, defence, healthcare, etc.

It is hence essential to fathom out the reason for demand of this service in so many industries. The rapid prototype industry emerged to produce prototype and model parts. Since then the application field has experienced a surge. Now they are used to produce manufacturer-quality parts but in a small capacity. Additionally, it is used in 3D production system to help in building and trying out electric cars in a year.

If your business falls within the fields mentioned above, you need to keep the following in mind before availing these services:

  1. Introspective aspect:

Before you look out for hiring or appointing any rapid prototyping services, it is of utmost importance that you look into your requirement. The rapid prototype is used for a variety of fields. However, the purpose will determine the technology, material and the post-processing that need to be executed. A smooth representation of your requirement will ensure a better service provided. Therefore, do analyse your prerequisite and convey it likewise to render the perfect service.

  • Perfect Technology:

This factor includes two aspects – hardware and software. Both need to be chosenwisley fora particular service.

  • Software –Computer Aided Design software is the most desired software for this service. CAD software aids in mechanical design in the 21st century.
  • Hardware – Hardware with its heftiness and expense is a difficult one to choose. Most prototyping services generally need threebulkytypes of equipment:
  • FDM machine, which, is a 3D printing machine that reduces time to develop a prototype.
  • Single tool programmable CNC machines that automatise the previous manual deeds.
  • Multi-tool CNC machine that automatically swaps tools to manufacture complex prototype parts
  • Required amount of material:

Not every part requires the same quantity of raw material. The cost of material affects total price of products. Thus you need to calculate that amount from beforehand.

  • Customizable colour of product:

If there is no option to change colours for the parts, your product naturally faces a downtrodden market demand. Imparting different colours to products is easy and should be an obvious service that you can choose from.

  • CAD of existing parts:

Occasionally, it may be cost-effective, if you want to make a CAD model of the prototype of an existingpart. The soft-tooling process will be easier and cheaper. If your availedrapid prototyping servicesare not disclosing this to you, then you might think of shifting to another provider.

Do avail the services for a better performance of your company and choose the right providers. Your provider should have in mind the three essential ideals of service to the client, the quality of product provided and the innovativeness applied.