Breeze Eastern: Only Name to Trust for Right Equipment for Right Mission

Breeze Eastern

There’s one and the only platform for the right equipment for your mission; the mission could be lifting huge weight either in rescue or cargo operations. The need is to find the right equipment for the purposes specified, and to make selections based on product requirement, aircraft platform or mission. The mission may sometimes be hard to achieve or even impossible. The right selection of equipment is the right support that provides what’s actually required to achieve the mission. Breeze Eastern is the only company to provide the right support.

Breeze Eastern for rescue and cargo lifting equipment

The equipment needed for rescue mission may be Lighted Bumper and Rescue Hooks, and Rescue Hoists. For cargo, the equipment needed are Cargo Hooks and Winches. The rescue and cargo missions may be commercial airlines, construction and energy, emergency medical management, firefighting, military operations, search operations, utility, and more. These missions are based on platforms such as Airbus (Euro copter), Alenia, ATR, Bell, Boing, CASA, HAL, IAR, KAI, Leonardo (Agusta/Westland), MD Helicopter, Mil, Sikorsky, and Westland. The only name that can be trusted is Breeze Eastern.

Breeze Eastern equipment types

Most important equipment needed for lifting operation are hoist and winch, but there are more. The Lift bag Kit (LBK) is required for use in rescue hoist flight testing, maintenance and conditioning, and training activities. The LBK is a replacement of human in these activities. Lighted Bumper and Rescue Hooks are also used in rescue operations. There are various types of equipments and different models such as HS-29900, HS-10300, HS-20200, HS-29700, HS-16600, HS-5100, FE7590, and C-160. Breeze Eastern manufactures equipment compatible for every type of aircraft or helicopter produced in any country of the world. The technology of this company is unique, and highly advanced for efficiency, operational safety and excellence. The company is on the top for products, support and training. The products are of high-quality produced by no other company.