How to find the best earplugs for musicians

best earplugs for musicians

Our ear drums can only bare sound up to a certain limit. If the limit exceeds there are great chances of temporary or permanent hearing damage. In creative professions, it is very important to look for an alternative that will provide you protection from high decibel damaging sound along with giving you the desired music quality. Earplugs tend to serve this purpose fairly well. There are best earplugs for musicians embedded with some key features. A lot of musician earplugs are available in the market it is recommended to select the best music earplug for supreme quality.

best earplugs for musicians

Features to look for

There are certain features that a musician should look for while buying the best earplugs

Marvelous Sound Quality

The earplugs should offer a great sound quality free from any kind of distortions. A problem with many of the earplugs is it is unable to match with the attenuation of the frequencies resulting in the sound which is distorted. It is best to buy earplugs equipped with a resonance chamber so that the musician is able to hear the intended sound.

Sound Reduction Capacity

Most of the earplugs can reduce a sound from 15-30 decibels. The best earplug should be able to reduce the sound without hampering the music. An ideal earplug is known to reduce the sound by 20 decibels. Finally, it all depends on the musician, if he is a part of music comprising high-frequency sound then he will be requiring a better sound reduction otherwise a sound reduction between 15 decibels and 25 decibels might prove to be worth it.

best earplugs for musicians

Better Comfort

It is prominent to choose an earplug which fits the ears properly. A proper fitting is one in which there is no leakage of sound from the surroundings. A certain fit might be ideal for one but might not be ideal for others. While looking for ideal comfort one should also consider the level of protection offered by the earplugs.

Best options available

There are various types of earplugs for musicians available in the market. It is desired to choose the best depending upon your requirements. Earplugs like DeciBullz, Etymotic-ER20xs and alpine are in great trend. DeciBullz is customised earphones acquiring the perfect fit of your ears. They are known to offer the best sound reduction quality. On the other hand, Etymotic-ER20xs offer the best sound quality without frequency distortion. Alpine earplugs come with an insertion device for the ear canal. These are highly popular due to their perfect attenuation capacity with the desired reduction of sound.

Musician earplugs are considered as important as an instrument in the professional career of a musician. These are mainly designed for a person who listens to high-frequency music. A musician should choose the perfect earplugs according to the requirements after thorough research.