Importance of the UOB-I Cash

สินเชื่อ uob I cash is the ultimate solution for people who are looking for easily approved loan sources, especially for personal purposes. They are highly reliable and are ready to help their customers at any point in time. They offer quality service that promises a fast disbursal of one’s loan amount.

The credit limit offered by them is five times the salary of a person and the repayment time is also enough, which equals to 60 months for any loan by any individual in most cases. However, this figure might vary from one customer to another.

Benefits enjoyed by customers of the UOB – I Cash loan

  1. Cost effective loan service
  2. Quick approvals
  3. Money transferred into the bank within three working days
  4. Faster processing of request than informal loans.
  5. Easy cancellation of limit that is within seven days without paying any fees.
  6. They are safer than many others in the market.

The process of getting the UOB-I Cash loan

The criteria for an owner are not much complicated. The person must be of Thai nationality and be of any age between 20 to 60. He or she must have two lakhs Baht revenue from the company for each month. Higher the revenue better it is for the individual to get the UOB – I Cash loan. The individuals must also have an experience of 3 years or more in the same business.

The criteria for regular staff are also like the criteria for owners. The regular staffs also require to be a Thai Nationality. They must be a minimum of 20 years or age or maximum up to 60. The individual must have an experience of minimum one year in the same business or the current company he or she is working for in the industry.