Is it Necessary at All to Declare a War?

Well, war is not an option at all. The unsettling tension caused for war can destroy a whole nation. Only the war consequences are dealt with the entire country who has declared for it, but also its citizens and the innocent children who have nothing to payoff for the causes. The war in any sense is terrible. Earlier when War used to be declared among two fighting fronts, great damage used to follow afterwards. 

Disasters make it in the news all the time. Television reports and the media show us the picture of the battle fronts or what were the causes but what we don’t see are the victims and their pain. The pain of their loss of homes and loved ones. In an incoming war, help for a victim is delayed due to huge chaos. This causes for the injured to sometimes die at the spot or grow deadly infections.

Unlike another natural phenomenon, war is entirely human-centered, and this is the main trouble behind it. It is never nature’s call so one cannot blame it on Mother Nature for his/her call for action. Due to the deadly effects of war, the land becomes poisoned by-poisonous chemicals sprayed on them; large infrastructures rumble into pieces and unexplored weapons which go into a killing spree for the coming years.

Deadly consequences of the war

We all know that declaring war can be a poor decision but what we overlook are the consequences which are faced when the fight has been stopped. Here are some consequences which are put to a point.

  1. Economic Impact

Both the fronts battling for their rights can face a huge loss in the economic region after the war is over. Trades, exchanges, importing military equipment are the expenses which are dealt with while preparing for a war.We all know how Germany faced a loss after the declaration of war. Overpowered nations lose their impact on influences and suffer a great deal. 

  1. Loss of Lives

This is the main and the apparent consequence which is faced. Any compensation for life is not sufficient. Thousands or even millions of lives are taken for the deadly wars. Loved ones are lost, and children suffer the most when they are separated from their parents. The physical, as well as mental depletion of love and care, is lost in the deadly sins of war.

  1. Destruction of Infrastructure

Rival forcessend deadly missiles which lead to the destruction of the huge infrastructure built around the whole nation. This cause is proportional to the loss of economic wealth of any nation. In the happenings of the World War II,a lot of infrastructures were damaged including educational institutions, organizations and this affected other countries as well. Hospitals were bombed which caused the injured to suffer more.

If you live in a country where there is less conflict, then feel yourself gifted and privileged. War is never a decision to carry forward because sometimes by losing a battle, you may find a new way to win.

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