Main Highlights of the Vietnam Freedom Struggle Back in Time

Main Highlights of the Vietnam Freedom Struggle Back in Time

Vietnam,officially the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is the easternmost country situated in South East Asia. It has the capital city of Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh Cityis the main attraction of that place. 

A brief look into the history

The northern part of Vietnam belonged to the reign of Imperial China for over a millennium. France invaded Vietnam’s independence from 1859-1885. By that, the entire country had come under the rule of France. The French Administration was a strong influence on the cultural and social behavioral of Vietnam. The French were cruel towards the administration and ignored the call for a right government and human civil rights.

Leaders such as Ho Chi Minh, Phan Chu, Phan Boi Chau were the ones who fought for the call for their independence under the struggle. The French lost their control after the declaration of the World War II after which the Japanese troops marched on Vietnam for power. Due to a heavy drought faced by the people, Vietnam Famine of 1945, millions of lives were lost due to the struggle.

Highlights from the Call for Independence

  1. Ho Chi Minh, born in 1890, was the first leader to fight for Vietnamese Independence. His travel to the Soviet Union made him learn for the tactics to deal with powerful governments.
  2. He organized a committee called Viet Minh to fight for Vietnamese Independence. Japan mixed with the French troops wanted to gain its power while Ho Chi Minh in an ally with South China formed a staunch opponent to fight against.
  3. In 1920, Ho Chi Minh found the Communist Party of France. He went in for the training for the rights and movements of the Communist fronts and returned to his nation after that with the tactics and ideas for fighting against the government and their rule.
  4. When Ho Chi Minh was captured by the Chinese Nationalist Leader, Chiang Kai-Shek, he was pressured into releasing him by the Americas Office of Strategic Services. While he was leading the movement of their freedom struggle from Japan, Ho Chi Minh was captured. The OSS sought it after that so that he could be released and continue this fight for freedom.
  5. The first challenge was to spark development of the society and a cultural right among all the people of Vietnam. Leaders defended their spheres and came up with new ideas to gather their rights and ask for freedom which they deserved.
  6. The First Indochina War began on December 19th, 1945. During the eight years of war, Mao Zedong supported Viet Minh against the United States which aided the help of the French and the anti-communist Vietnamese. The French faced a loss in 1954, and then a peace summit was conferenced in Geneva.

After Japan surrendered in the World War II, Ho Chi Minh declared for the independence of Vietnam from France.

The Declaration included in the Independence said that ‘All men are born equal’. With a proud and growing city now, Vietnam is fast-paced towards modernization.

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