Modern Beds are taking the world by storm

Anyone who has ever suffered from sleep deprivation, insomnia or general irritation due to lack of sleep knows the importance of rest and the correct เตียง นอน 5 ฟุต to rest in. Often it might happen that a person is unable to sleep despite being tired due to the discomfort he or she is feeling by sleeping on a bed. Most of us are comfortable and adapted to our beds at home. When it comes to travel or even a change of beds in our own homes, it results in sleepless nights due to the adjusting that comes with new beds.

Modern beds

Today, modern beds are equipped with latest technologies that adhere to the needs of the customers. Smart mattresses began with the invention of memory foam mattress which would change their shape according to the body shape of the user. In the present day, beds are made with technology which record our sleep cycle, our positions while sleeping, track our health and breathing patterns. With these, beds are not only a chunk of wood and foam where one can sleep in but also a fitness tracker of sorts which keeps a note of every health change in our bodies.

Some beds can even link themselves with the TV, mobile phones or even programmed to make the coffee maker start brewing as soon as one wakes up. Even though these beds are highly expensive due to their technological facilities, they are highly useful to people in today’s world where keeping up with one’s fitness is a huge deal. A bed can even come with their own sound systems and WiFi systems, turning the room into a mini movie theatre.


With the modern world progressing in leaps and bounds, technology is being integrated in almost all commodities including beds. This is quite important for the benefit of people with their health and sleep patterns.