Summoners War Rift Raid Team & the Role of the Damage Reducer

summoners war raid team

Playing Summoners war is a unique experience because Raids and the Rift Beasts are unique. You have to take up to six monsters for your team. There’s a unique mechanics to build Summoners War Rift Raid team or something you call R5, if you have built R4 team.

summoners war raid team

Moving from base level to R5 level is the thrilling experience, it wouldn’t be so easy without the support of a guide. There are Front Line monsters and back Line monsters that you can use in the gameplay, but you need to understand which monsters are good for frontline and which are best for Back Line. Understanding this arrangement can give rewards that you expect in the game. 

Summoners War Rift Raid team: The Damage Reducer 

There is importance of Raid Boss, and the skills and passives possessed by the Boss. We find the Damage Reducer in the Summoners War Rift Raid team. The monsters with passives are usually not recommended for raids, but the Damage Reducer is still needed for raids to ensure higher chance of survival. Not all monsters can fit in the role of the Damage Reducer.

summoners war raid team

Only two monsters: Dias and Darion fits for the job. Dias’s first skill brings Unrecoverable, which is always nice because the boss can heal himself according to the number of beneficial effects he removes during a certain attack. His second skill is Check and Destroy. Dias attacks the enemy twice, decreasing its defense and attack power for 2 turns. Dias has 30% resistance leader skill. Darion is a farmable monster, a light 3-star whom you can get from Secret Dungeons. Darion earned a spot in the Damage Reducer section due to his passive knighthood. There are a few other damage reduction monsters, but they’re Priz and Lexy. 


With all knowledge about Summoners War Rift Raid team and the role of the damage Reducer, Summoners War is the good game to play.