What is FirstBlood


Firstblood is a competitive eSports platform which is decentralised and has been built on Ethereum. It lets players test their gaming skills by betting on different games without having been subjected to downtime, middleman corruptions, hacks, fees, traditional money transfers as well as financial regulations. Players earn real-time rewards by playing Dota2 as well as PUBG tournaments.

What is FirstBlood about?


The site has been built to help to empower competitive gamers. They believe that each gamer must have the ability to improve and become better, all the while being rewarded for their skills. Which is why they are trying to change the esport industry by giving everyone a chance to go professional.

Who consists of FirstBlood?

The team at FirstBlood consists of a group of passionate gamers, streamers, designers, geeks, marketers, engineers as well as community builders who work in tandem on a mission to cover the gap between amateurs and professionals, all the while evolving authentic competitive gaming as is known to us, through innovative technology.

The three core members of the team are –

  • Joe Zhou – The Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Raj Rajkotia – Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer (COO and CTO)
  • Anik Dang – Managing Director of Southeast Asia

Where does FirstBlood have its offices at?

The FirstBlood USA Head office is located at Boston, Massachusetts and their Business Development and Technology Centre are located at Santa Monica, California.

Their partner offices are at Ljubljana, Slovenia and Mumbai, India.

FirstBlood is a one-stop site for all game lovers who wish to put their skills to test, and using their gaming skills earn prizes and rewards. The rewards not only encourage participants to bring their A-game, but they are also inspired to bring in friends and contemporaries to compete for the coveted prize of being the best!