Why you should be getting on The layered necklace trend

enchanted necklace

The red carpet has been awash with celebrities rocking the layered necklace trend and it seems as if it is here to stay. As soon as you log onto the web you are bound to come across your favourite It Girls, fashion bloggers, and influencers posting their pictures all across social media with their own take on this trend. One cannot help being awestruck at how effortlessly they all have seemed to master it.

enchanted necklace

Layering necklaces not only adds éclat to a simple outfit but it also makes it look as if you put in a lot of thought into your whole ensemble. Once you hone in on your favourite mix of necklaces you can use and reuse the same to chic up any outfit whatsoever.

Mentioned below are some pointers which can help you foray into the world of layered necklaces:

  • Begin your layered look with a plain gold chain as base. With this layer on different length pendant style necklaces so that each may shine on its own.

For example, you can add in the currently on trend gold butterfly pendant necklace or enchanted necklace and finish off with a lariat necklace.

enchanted necklace
  • Mix and match your pieces while playing with textures so that individual pieces may stand out.
  • Choose same metal to create cohesion if you are going with a no fuss look.
  • Set up a contrast by wearing a strand or two of vibrant beads with a simple dainty pendant necklace.
  • For a simple office look, layer barely-there dainty pieces of different lengths together.
  • If you want to go with the minimalistic trend, wear a light gold chain and add with it a simple gold butterfly necklace to make a statement without being OTT.
  • To take your layered look from AM to PM, add in a stone studded choker or a brightly beaded one to your layered look.
  • Be it piled upon pieces or barely there dainty jewellery or a mix of both, experiment and find what goes on well together.

At the end of the day layering is all about a variety of lengths and the only rule is that there are no rules. So, play with your jewellery, experiment and build your own layered look that speaks for itself.